How we help you become a better speaker

You get:

The Speakers Guide

Every member gets a Speakers Guide which takes you through a range of speeches helping you master different techniques such as Speech Construction, using Gestures, creating Word Pictures, and the role of Notes.

Chances to speak

You make Speeches of 5 to 8 minutes duration on subjects of your choice in a friendly and non-judgemental environment

Evaluated speeches

Evaluations of speeches by other members find the positive aspects of the speech and help the speaker understand how and where they could improve. Evaluations are in turn mini speeches in themselves and so give practice in giving a precise summary - another useful skill..

Practice being Chair

Members take it in turns to Chair the meetings, thus introducing a further important skill to the speakers repertoire.

Off the cuff Topics

An area where many people find difficulty is when they are asked to speak at short notice and without preparation. That is why Topics are a key features of most club evenings with most attendees giving 2 or 3 minute impromptu speeches on subjects chosen by a Topics Chair. It is rare for a new member not to find this daunting at first but it is amazing how quickly confidence grows and people find they can tackle the most surprising subjects.


Once you are on your way there are competitions to enter and awards to be won at local, regional and national level.

Quarterly magazine

The Association of Speakers Clubs publishes a magazine of tips and news about speaking and speakers.


And for those who become really serious and competent there are qualifications available and potential paid work from public speaking engagements.

.....who knows where it will lead to? Why not join Newark Speakers to find out?