For employers

Every employer knows that having employees that can communicate well is vital to any organisation.

Many employers spend thousands on costly communication courses which take employees away from the work place.

Here is a real low cost alternative:

Encourage your employees to join Newark Speakers

One evening a fortnight - season fee = £35 per person includes rate paid in advance or

£5 per person paid on the night.

Whether it is senior managers needing to brush up their skills for formal presentations or more junior staff you are wanting to develop Newark Speakers offers real benefits to each individual. They could have fun too!

If you or your employees want to find out what Newark Speakers are about

why not come to a meeting and see for yourself?

Alternatively, why not talk to us about holding a taster session for a group of your employees in your premises or a neutral venue.

Run by some of our more experienced speakers we will take your staff through the basics of speaking and give them practice and evaluation to develop their skills.