Our Speeches are varied and entertaining

Our speech subjects included:

  • Wind Turbines - for and against
  • Why gardening is good for the nation
  • Why don't we teach people how to learn
  • If you cannot spell Armageddon it is not the end of the world!
  • Coffee and its Benefits
  • Many others

Topics included:

  • Things around our necks (including the noose!)
  • The pro's and con's of Events (Like Christmas and Halloween!)
  • Describing people we would like to have known using word pictures

We also evaluated some recorded speeches from other competitions

So far this season we have heard about:

Kids for Kids - Goats helping people out of poverty in Africa

Ynysenlii - an island paradise off the coat of Wales

Using 3D printers - for making guns and more helpful things

A personal account of the first year of Speakers Club

Business Club Presentation

Job Application presentation

Topics have included:

A version of Just a Minute - great fun

Selling yourself - with a twist

Jobs that people do with their hands