For students

Do well at college - enhance your c.v. - shine at job interviews - be confident

You want to do well at college - don't you?

You want to get a good job - don't you?

And yet is something holding you back?

Every time you stand up to speak do you get tongue-tied?

Do you stumble on words?

Do you feel awkward?

Or do you just want to develop skills you already have?

Most courses require an element of presentation.

And ALL employers want people who can communicate well.

Join Newark Speakers Club and you will develop speaking skills that will put you in front of your colleagues, that will overcome those nervous moments, that will help you get the job you want.

  • You can rehearse your college presentations.
  • You can learn how to give an off the cuff speech on anything
  • You can practice chairing a meeting
  • And you can have fun

Like anything else making a speech is hard work.

And like anything else the effort pays off

Being a member of a Speakers Club means that no-one is going to laugh at you when you get it wrong (which we all do from time to time). You will get supportive advice to help you the next time, and praise when you get it right!

Want to know more? Why not come to a meeting and we will explain more