About Newark Speakers

Above all we are a

friendly club.

We have a little formality when its called for and it is useful to learn the rules about public speaking but above all we think people should

enjoy the evenings.

Members come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some are experienced speakers, others are absolute beginners. What we do know is that whoever you are you will be able to learn something and more importantly help others gain confidence and become more proficient as well.

How much you participate is entirely up to you. There is scope for every ambition.

Struggle to speak up? Confidence limiting you? Struggle to find new clients? Forget Everything You Have Been Led To Believe About Public Speaking. And Forget What Everyone Else Has Told You.

A typical evening

There is no such thing as a typical evening. They vary so much depending on the chairman and the needs for members to practice different aspects of public speaking. However when you come you will find that we often follow this sort of format.

Presidents remarks

Presidents warm up

Chairman's introduction

Two speeches of 5 to 8 minutes

Evaluation of the speeches

Topics session

(practice in impromptu speaking)

Evaluation of topics

General evaluation

Club business

President's close

We do other things too:

  • debates with other clubs,
  • reading sessions,
  • fun nights with things like 'Just a Minute',
  • competitions for individuals and groups of speakers
  • training evenings to brush up particular skills.

"From where I started to where I got to at the end of the season were just two different places! " – Simon Kemp

If you have a strong desire to overcome

stage fright, be able to deliver high impact winning sales presentations impress your boss or want you bosses job then come and join us and learn the skills required

We meet the First and Third Monday's of the month Bank holidays permitting starting at 7:30 Prompt Call 0797 374 8906 for further info