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Club Meeting

Our first month of the new season got off to a flying start with 4 new members set to change their future self

Winners Keep winning !!! Woop Woop

Our - Chair Leisa led us to Victory in the Adam’s Apple Competition tonight at the King Fisher Lodge.

A Big well done to the Team Leisa Ben Martin Simon -

This is the 2nd year running we have won it was a close competition between Loughborough/Derby/Newark each team performed very well with some very interesting takes on the theme of Car Boot Sale.

Winners Woop Woop

With Ramana winning Area Speech competition

So well done to all in the Newark Club everyone’s input helped us to win this competition Thank you

Club Meeting 3 September 2018.

Our first meeting of the new season got off to a flying start under the auspices of martin Cox, Club President. Laying out his vision for the coming year, Newark club can expect training sessions on specific public speaking skills, social events, vast opportunities to complete speaker assignments, along with our usual ASC competitions.

To start the first half of the evening all members took part in Room 101, based on the TV show. Everyone gave a great 3 minute presentation on what they thought should be vanished from the planet and into room 101, covering such items as coffee chain shops, dress codes, designer coffee and dog fouling.

The winner, a grumpy, middle aged member received a bottle of something refreshing as a prize by sending “McDonald’s” into room 101. Well done to Tim Metcalfe-Kemp.

Martin (L) presenting Winner Tim

During the second half of the evening the usual format of practicing impromptu speaking, known as the Topics round. A word is given just prior to facing the audience and then participants try to talk for 3 minutes on the given topic. Tonight members had to give a reasoned argument for or against topics such as introducing European daylight savings time. It was a great test of the grey cells to welcome us back after the Summer break.

The most inspirational argument of this Topic was by Ann Cox Well done

Winner of Topics

The President closed the meeting after club business was discussed, our next meeting will be 17 September at 7:30pm


Winning the Adams Apple competition

The Adams Apple Team speaking competition has been held annually for the past 28 years between the local areas of the Association of speakers club.

The area includes Newark, Nottingham Derby and Loughborough clubs.

The Area event was held recently with the three word phrase “Glass Half Full”. This is a four man team with a Chair who introduces links and closes the fifteen minute set, and the three speakers who each speak on one of the words.

This can be quite a challenge finding a subject which will embrace just one of the words.

Derby club chose “The Old Silk Mill” (which later became a popular pub) on which to base their speeches, which historically is the birthplace of the first Trades Union Movement. The first speaker spoke about “Glass” of ale, the next speaker explained “Half” the workers who led the struggle for fairer treatment and finally “Full” membership of the newly formed Unions which eventually became legalised in the 19th Century. This is such an important part of history that a march is held every year to commemorate the men who made such a huge sacrifice.

Loughborough club chose medieval church windows. The wonderful colours of stained “Glass”, using “Half” the old glass which was found buried after the destruction of the windows during the dissolution of the Monasteries during the reign of Henry VIII. Then finally coming “Full “circle when the old and new glass was used to re create fabulous new windows for everyone to enjoy and marvel at.

The winning team this time was the Newark club. They were particularly pleased as this is the first time Newark has won the coveted Wooden Apple Trophy which was given by the founder of the competition, Derek Adams way back in 1990.

The first speaker spoke about the times before glass windows were made, then how “Glass” is made and the many uses of glass nowadays that we could not do without. “What can you do in “Half” an hour” was the next speaker’s task. A 30 minute meal from a popular cookery book? 30 minutes reading each day to complete a novel for the Book Group discussion. Planning your time to achieve your goals was good advice.

To conclude, advice about healthy living and trying for the “Full” marathon running challenge which will help to ward of dementia and improve motor neurone skills.

Working as a team can be a useful and rewarding experience. Getting together to formulate the idea and meeting a few times to rehearse enables people to get to know each other better and makes being a member of the club a friendly and enjoyable hobby and learning experience. To find out more about joining the club visit the website at

Your local Speakers Club provides that environment

When you join you will be guided to deliver a series of speeches and will receive constructive feedback from fellow members

You will learn to listen attentively, to speak "off the cuff", to hold an audience and move them to laughter, tears and action.

You’ll also have fun along the way. You will find Speakers Clubs all over Britain each one contributes to the proficiency of its members.

So come and join a local Speakers Club and learn to speak confidently and effectively in front of people in a fun and friendly environment.

Newark’s winning team L-R Troy Hackett Leisa Pickles Ben Lilley, Simon Kemp

Venue - We will continue to meet at the Newark Town Bowls Club off London Road, Newark

The Area competitions These are held each year typically in these months:

Adams Apple - Around March

Joint Meeting and area Clubs Topics Contest - Around February

Speech and Evaluation Contests - January

Archive Information

Past Presidents hand over to Tim Metcalfe

Presidents Hand Over to the New President Tim Metcalfe

Tea at the Area Competition 2016 awaiting the results of the Evaluation competition L-R Simon Kemp, Amelia Harwood, Anne Eldridge, Sam Wakes

Results are in and it is a big well done SAM Runner up outstanding

L-R Anne Eldridge, William Wallace, Sam Wakes

Well done Sam